Carson Wentz: What do the Philadelphia Eagles do with their struggling starting quarterback?

The Philadelphia Eagles face the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night in the NFL, with their season on the line, their struggling quarterback Carson Wentz under fire and with their rookie back-up Jalen Hurts in line to see more playing time.

Wentz has completed a career-low 58.36 per cent of his passes this season, while throwing 14 touchdowns and a league-leading 14 interceptions in 2020. The Eagles are 3-6-1, but are still alive in the playoff hunt due to the poor nature of their division – the New York Giants lead the NFC East at 4-7.

ICYMI: The #Eagles will feature QB Jalen Hurts more tonight than we’ve seen him, as the rookie is set for increased snaps with Carson Wentz off the field:

Head coach Doug Pederson has stuck by Wentz this season, recently telling reporters, “he’s my starter, end of story”, but NFL Network‘s Ian Rapoport reported on Monday that Hurts is ‘expected to receive increased playing time at quarterback’ against the Seahawks.

The Good Morning Football crew discussed the quarterback situation in Philadelphia this week ahead of the Monday Night Football match-up with Seattle…

‘I can’t trust this team’

Kyle Brandt: What are we going to do with this Eagles team and Carson Wentz? It’s a critical stage in his career.

Wentz leads the NFL in interceptions, leads the NFL in games with two interceptions, leads the NFL in turnovers and leads the NFL in getting sacked.

What the hell is going on here? He doesn’t have it and hasn’t had it for weeks.

I know the blocking is not there, but his play is worse than just not getting the blocking.

His mechanics are a disaster. We love the Eagles, we love Wentz, love Pederson, but I can’t trust this team right now.

The Eagles, I’m not sure I see a win on their schedule for the next month. I don’t recognise Wentz.

It might be the worst division ever and I don’t see anything in Philly that says they’re going to win it. I can’t trust them. They’ve had weeks, while the East was terrible, to figure things out, lick their wounds and get it right. Time’s up.

If Wentz doesn’t have it, you’ve got to pull him. You’ve got to stop worrying about his feelings and start worrying about your team. You’ve got to try something.

‘Eagles fans are out of patience’

Nate Burleson: Wentz is at the crossroads right now, because a lot of Eagles fans are out of patience.

You have a second-round draft pick there; do you not think it’s worth giving Hurts a shot here?

I don’t believe Hurts, right now, is a better quarterback than Wentz, but you have to mix it up. You have a guy on your roster who can do some things to add a little bit of energy to the offense – which is what they lack.

Carson needs to get it going, and it has to happen now. It’s more than just people questioning him, you’re talking about your career and future in Philly.

You’ve got your second-round pick there in Hurts, someone who was a Heisman finalist. It’s not like there is no heir apparent.

Whether it’s Wentz’s fault, Pederson’s fault, the offensive line’s; everyone is kind of done with whose fault it is.

Carson needs to go out there, win a game because, as we’ve said all season, if you win a game in the NFC East you’re in contention. He needs to start doing something.

‘Fascinated to see how they use Hurts’

Peter Schrager: Ian Rapoport had a report saying we might see a little Jalen Hurts, and not just ‘gadget’ stuff; you might see Hurts at quarterback for a couple of snaps for the Eagles – and it might even be more than a couple.

This is a real ‘fork in the road’ moment for the Eagles. The Giants (4-7) are now in first place [in the NFC East] with Colt McCoy at quarterback; Alex Smith and the Washington Football Team (4-7) doesn’t really scare anybody and, yet, they are right there.

The Eagles can still win this division. If Jalen ends up catching a bit of heat, do you give the rock to the rookie for the rest of the season? I’m fascinated to see how they use Hurts.

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