131kg beast has always been a ‘psycho’

JJ Watt is scary.

Not scary like other athletic freaks are scary, with their height, weight, speed or work ethic.

He’s all of those, sure. But JJ Watt is scary scary. He’s the monster who hides under the bogey man’s bed.

The 31-year-old NFL wrecking ball has spent a decade giving quarterbacks (and their teammates, coaches, family, friends and fans) nightmares. He stands at 196cm, weighs 131kg and inhales NFL players with all the frightening intensity of a Joe Exotic music video.

Where Watt’s hunger for excellence comes from, we don’t quite know. But thanks to a new story about his college habits, we do know he’s been the way he is for a long, long time.

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You never want to piss off JJ Watt.Source:Getty Images

“He’s a psycho competitor,” Nate Tice, a former Wisconsin teammate, told The Athletic.

Another ex-college teammate revealed Watt charted daily goals on a whiteboard in his dorm room.

But it’s never just been about football for Watt.

Daniel Farrar, a maintenance manager at Central Michigan University, recalls he “laughed his a** off” one day when watched Watt perform his part-time job painting stands as a teenager.

Watt, unimpressed that one of his fellow workers was reading a book instead of applying a coat of paint, slapped the book out of his hand and demanded he pick up his brush.

He did as he was told.

“We had some real slackers that were football players, and they never made it in life. JJ was great,” Farrar said.

Nope. Nope. No thank you.Source:Getty Images

When Watt transferred to Wisconsin, where he became a bona fide star that set him on the path to Future NFL Hall of Hamer status, he kept working. Off the field, too.

Last year he addressed his alma mater. The college kids before him would have looked up and seen a multi-millionaire with god given athletic talent.

He reminded them there’s so much more to success than meets the eye.

“I painted that railing,” he said to the crowd.

“Don’t mess it up.”

If they’ve watched a single play of Watt’s NFL career, they won’t let him down.

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