Mel Reid: Coming out, dealing with death, Solheim Cup memories

Mel Reid discusses why she made her sexuality public, how she dealt with losing her mum and reveals her Solheim Cup highlights in the new Sky Sports Golf podcast.

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The six-time Ladies European Tour winner and three-time Solheim Cup player sat down with Josh Antmann to talk through a wide range of subjects, from both on and off the golf course.

Reid received huge support from her family and the golfing community after coming out during an online interview in December 2018, with the Englishwoman explaining she made her decision after seeing other having much tougher experiences dealing with their sexuality.

“I’ve seen the bad side of it which people don’t see unless they’re in it,” Reid told the Sky Sports Golf podcast. “I’ve seen my friends kicked out because of who they love.

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“I’ve seen relationships fall apart because someone’s not comfortable with who they are, I’ve seen sponsors not sponsor people because of who they love and things like that, especially in the women’s game.

“I can’t speak for the men’s game but I’m sure it’s just as, if not more, difficult for them because of this whole persona of who you should be as an athlete.

“We [golfers] are on a platform to make a little bit of a voice and a little bit of a difference. People give back in charities and all kinds of other amazing ways and this was just my way of giving back, to say to people it’s okay to be who you are.

“If I would have got one message from someone saying ‘hey, you’ve made a huge difference to me. My son or my daughter came out as gay and you’ve now made me realise that I didn’t act in the appropriate way’, that’s kind of what I wanted.

“I got a huge amount of messages from parents, from siblings, from people in general coming out that it made an impact on, and that to me is why I did it. It was just my way of giving back to my community and say it is okay to be who you are.”

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April 20, 2020, 9:00am

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As well as talking about coming out, Reid shares stories from her early career and how she dealt with losing her mum suddenly in a car crash, plus her reaction to not getting a pick for Catriona Matthew’s 2019 Solheim Cup team.

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