Golf courses can reopen in Wales, Welsh Government confirms

Golf courses in Wales have been given the green light to reopen, after new information was issued by the Welsh Government.

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Wales Golf announced clubs were now permitted to reopen at their own discretion after the Welsh Government clarified courses were not included on the list of businesses that must remain closed.

Golfers, however, will need to be ‘local’ to a course in order not to breach restrictions on travelling for exercise, with Wales Golf advising clubs to reopen no earlier than Monday May 18.

In a statement, Wales Golf said: “Following recent Welsh Government announcements and the revision of certain Covid-19 related restrictions, golf clubs are permitted to open if they so wish.

“It is entirely at each golf club’s discretion as to whether they choose to open and if so when they choose to do so. We would advise that clubs that do wish to re-open do not do so immediately, so as to ensure they have sufficient protocols in place to adhere to these guidelines, which we will be on hand to assist with.”

“This would allow for a managed and co-ordinated reintroduction of golf across Wales from next Monday 18 May at the earliest.”

Regulations in Wales state that exercise should be done locally and that people cannot drive to exercise out of their local area, although there is no geographical benchmark set for what classifies as ‘local’.

Guidance from the Welsh Government on leaving home to exercise says: “We have deliberately not defined this more precisely as it could be seen to be arbitrary and it will also depend on the circumstances.

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