Emotional Tiger Woods, Masters ruin fans

Tiger Woods has remembered his stunning 2019 Masters victory with an emotional tribute to his children.

The 2019 victory was 11 years since his last major win, 14 years since his last Masters win and 22 years since his first Major victory.

But his win in 2019 is arguably his greatest victory.

While Woods will be up there with the greatest golfers to ever have swung a club, a comeback after personal scandal, injury troubles and more than a decade from his prime has already gone down as one of the great comebacks in sporting history.

A year on from the famous win and Woods has no title to defend in the traditional position with the coronavirus taking hold around the world.

The Masters has been postponed until at least November and while fans are happy the major could still take place in 2020, it was raw to be missing the event that golf fans and non-fans alike can get behind.

It was still too raw for fans however, with the overwhelming response to “The Masters” Twitter account posted a picture of Augusta National Golf Course with the message “A Masters Sunday”.

A Masters Sunday.

Good morning and greetings from Augusta National Golf Club. #MastersRewind pic.twitter.com/0XUGRSPlcq

With over 3500 comments, mostly memes expressing how heartbroken fans were to miss out on live golf, it clearly hit a nerve.

But upset fans were pushed over the edge when Woods was on CBS, commentating his own charge to the famous green jacket.

In an interview afterwards, he reflected on the victory, particularly the emotional scenes he shared with his family on the 18th green and the now-famous embrace with his son Charlie.

“It was so special for all of us because they had seen me — people know and laugh and joke that with my kids, I was a YouTube golfer,” Woods said. “I wasn’t the golfer that played golf anymore. I was that dude on TV that they could make fun of. ‘Oh, look at the shot you could hit then. Look at the shot you could do then.’ Well, they got a chance to witness it.

“Not only that, but the year prior, I took the lead at The Open Championship at Carnoustie — the one Fran (Francesco Molinari) won — and they felt the energy from the crowd. And they also saw how hard it was on me when I blew it. I took the lead there and ended up blowing it. Fran did exactly what he needed to do and won the tournament. I did not. And the hug I got there behind the 18th green up on the catwalk, that was a harder hug than I have ever gotten from my kids ’cause they knew I was crushed. That I had just blown this tournament.

It was the first win Tiger’s kids had seen.Source:AFP

“And now, a year later, here we are at Augusta National. They are witnessing their father win a golf tournament in person because they have never really witnessed me win a golf tournament in person. On top of that, it happens to be the Masters. A major. Hadn’t won a major in God knows when — not in their lifetime. For them to see it, feel it, experience it, understand it … but now, because they’re of age, they’ll remember it for the rest of their lives.”

[email protected] walking off the 18th green to celebrate his return to glory with his family is an image we’ll never forget.

One year later, he reflects on just how much it all means to him. #MastersRewind pic.twitter.com/9DfmU8k2pL

The hug took people back to Woods’ hug with his late father Earl in 1997.

He added his hug with his mother Tida was a special moment.

“To have mom still there … people remember the hug with my dad, but my mom was there and she is here 22 years later with the same hug,” Woods said. “It was so special for all of us.”

It was pure emotion for Tiger.Source:AFP

While the Masters wasn’t held in its usual spot in 2020, Woods’ miraculous 2019 win was replayed and fans were feeling just as emotional about it — and the lack of the tournament — a year on.

Can’t believe I just cried again watching Tiger win The Masters

I might just rewatch the final round of the 2019 Masters every year.

Geeze watching Tiger win last years Masters was even better the 2nd time around. FOREVER GOOSEBUMPS. #GOAT

Post @TheMasters depression is a very real thing … even after a masters rewind … what a tournament #MastersRewind pic.twitter.com/DuepRV3jzV

Dear sports television programmers: how come not one of you had the wisdom to re-air the Masters this afternoon?

Happy Easter to everyone! We’re blessed to have welcomed Enzo Akins Garcia on Friday, April 10, at 6:25 pm. Enzo and Angela are both doing great, and Azalea is very happy to be a big sister! Hope you all have enjoyed Easter (and Masters) Sunday. God bless from our family to yours pic.twitter.com/ipjLtv9SnL

Fans can’t really fret too much however with the tournament tentatively scheduled for November 12-15.

Woods also said he felt weird about hanging on to the green jacket for 18 months, calling the coronavirus pandemic “a very difficult situation, a very difficult time, a unique time in history”.

“This is not the way I wanted to have the jacket for a longer period of time,” he said. “Come Masters Tuesday, after our Champions Dinner, we put our jackets back up in our lockers, and the next person who gets to take it off the grounds is the champion that particular week.”

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