Wilder already fighting fit for Fury trilogy and promising 'revenge'

Deontay Wilder refrained from over-eating and drowning his sorrows in the sombre months that followed his loss to Tyson Fury… now he’s fighting fit, looking sharp with new trainer Malik Scott and promising ‘revenge’ in trilogy clash with Gypsy King

  • Deontay Wilder has stepped up his training for Tyson Fury trilogy showdown
  • Wilder’s got the chance to claim revenge after a judge ruled Fury must fight him 
  • The Bronze Bomber kept himself in good shape over his 15 months of inactivity
  • He has fully recovered from bicep surgery and training again with Malik Scott 

Recently it has been in the tranquil surroundings of lakes and woods where Deontay Wilder has girded his loins.

The calm before the storm you could say.  

By Wilder’s assertion, when it does hit in Las Vegas on July 24 it will be so fierce that Tyson Fury won’t be able to weather it. 

Deontay Wilder is working with Malik Scott and promising to claim revenge against Tyson Fury

The former WBC champion is already in fighting shape after returning to full-time training

The American power puncher only started loosening the arms again for the first time in a long while a couple of months ago, but with a date set and revenge on the mind, can now proceed towards July’s trilogy at full tilt.

Settled with new trainer Malik Scott and back to doing what has always felt organic and more like a purpose than a profession, Wilder is adamant that redemption is in the wind.

The torn bicep suffered in the defeat against Fury last year has healed but the scars of that night still run deep.

Toiling away in the gym has helped to ease the pain while joining forces with Scott has enabled him to wipe the slate clean and start anew.

His slow recuperation from surgery on his injured bicep had prevented Wilder from punching and training in the months that followed his world title defeat by Fury. 

Wilder done what he could to tick over and owes his already-battle-ready physique to the restraint he showed to not treat his wounds and sorrow with food and liquor over those sombre months where Fury lived in his head rent free.

Wilder is hellbent on exacting revenge after being demolished by Fury in February last year

The Bronze Bomber uploaded a video of himself hitting the pads with Scott in the woods

It has meant that Wilder has remained in good condition and has two months now to focus on fine-tuning before going into battle with Fury for a third time.

The Bronze Bomber was granted the opportunity to level the scores with Fury after a retired US judge deemed that he had a contractual right to a third fight, shattering any hopes of the Gypsy King facing Anthony Joshua for the undisputed heavyweight championship. 

Fury’s team had brief talks about paying a step-aside fee, but Wilder quickly made them aware that no amount would be sufficient payment for him to forgo a shot at revenge.

‘Wilder declined and had no interest in step-aside money,’ Scott said earlier this week.

‘He want the blood, not that step-aside money. “Retribution is upon us”.’

In the last few days, Wilder has upped the ante in his preparations as he waits for a formal announcement for his fight with tormentor Fury, which is expected to be made in the coming week. 

He started training with former opponent Scott back in April before Fury trilogy was confirmed

Wilder turned to old school training methods by lifting a massive wooden beam this week

He’s posted videos of himself throwing thunderous combinations on the pads with Scott and working on head movement and footwork and has gone old school by lifting huge beams of wood in the strength and conditioning side of his training.

Fury too has gone through the gears in recent weeks, stepping up his training in Miami.

15 months of inactivity and frustration has built up and now Fury has itchy hands and this warning for Wilder: ‘Whoever it is in my next fight, they’re getting smashed to bits.

‘I don’t care if it’s King Kong, Godzilla or a great white shark, they’re getting knocked out, badly as well, badly damaged, severely damaged…

‘I’m just going to cross all the Ts and dot all the Is, and I’m going to make mincemeat of anyone they put in front of me.’

Wilder kept it more succinct with this: ‘Revenge is the sweetest JOY’.

The storm is coming. Wilder and Fury will both be ready for it.

Fury has been training in the US for the past month and is also starting to step up preparations

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