UFC star Marvin Vettori punches rapper in brutal ringside brawl caught on camera

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    Marvin Vettori clearly had plenty of energy to spare following victory over Roman Dolidze at UFC 286 after the Italian was seen brawling at a recent boxing event in Milan.

    The UFC contender was part of the audience at the Allianz Cloud as Ivan Zucco scored a decision win over Germaine Brown to clinch the WBC International super middleweight title. The combat wasn't restricted to the ring, however, after punches were traded between spectators amid desperate scenes.

    It's understood Vettori, 29, was attending the event alongside close friend and rapper Tony Effe, who seemingly shares some beef with fellow artist 'Ion Real Deal'. Ion—real name Omar Nguale Ilunga—also happens to be a professional boxer boasting a 23-2-1 record, but it appeared he was found out of his depth on Friday.

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    In a video that has since done the rounds among the mixed martial arts community, both Effe and Vettori were captured taking part in a brawl that saw Ilunga overwhelmed by assailants. 'The Italian Stallion' looked at ease holding his jacket in one hand while he rained a few hammer fists upon his target with the other.

    Ilunga, 38, appeared to stand little chance of fighting back due to the sheer number of attackers set upon him. As one poster of the video, Al Zullino, tweeted, the footage is "not a good look" for Vettori when going by the usual standards of honour and respect usually promoted in MMA.

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    Effe uploaded another picture of him and Vettori together on Instagram, captioning the post 'DANGEROUS' as the duo held middle fingers aloft. And nothing quite says 'dangerous' like ganging up on unsuspecting target in greater numbers.

    Little is known about the rivalry or why Effe and Vettori hold any sort of vendetta against 'Ion'. One tends to think of New York or Los Angeles when the subject of rap beefs comes to mind, but it would appear there's plenty going on in the Italian underground to which we're unaware.

    Less than a week prior, Vettori improved his MMA record to 19-6-1 after defeating Dolidze in a controversial decision in London. The Trento native got back to winnings ways following a unanimous-decision loss to Robert Whittaker in Paris six months prior, having now won seven of his last nine inside the Octagon.

    UFC bosses would likely prefer the former middleweight title challenger would keep his craft inside the cage from now on, rather than getting involved in any feuds over 'artistic differences'. MMA stars tend to attract some questionable company due to their popularity, and Vettori may want to re-examine how he spends his weekends outside training camp.


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