Tyson will be 'blowing out his a***' in comeback fight, says Froch

Mike Tyson will be ‘blowing out his a***’ during controversial comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr aged 53, says Carl Froch… who hints heavyweight legend could ‘lose the plot’ and bit opponent’s ear again!

  • Mike Tyson is fighting Roy Jones Jr in an eight round exhibition on September 12 
  • The pair are both coming out of retirement in their 50s for the charity bout 
  • But Carl Froch is sceptical as to whether Tyson will be able to handle the event
  • Froch says Tyson will find it tough going both physically and mentally in the ring 

Carl Froch believes Mike Tyson could be ‘blowing out his a***” in his upcoming exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr and thinks he could lose his temper in the ring once again. 

Tyson is coming out of retirement at 53 years old to fight 51-year-old Jones Jr in an eight-round charity bout in Los Angeles on September 12. 

The ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ retired 15 years ago and former super middleweight champ Froch is concerned for Tyson’s well-being after such a long absence from the sport.  

Mike Tyson is coming out of retirement to face Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition bout next month

But Carl Froch is sceptical as to whether Tyson will be able to cope back inside the ring

‘Would he lose the plot like he did against Holyfield and take a chunk of the old ear off?’ Froch said, on his Froch on Fighting podcast.

‘There could be a danger where he gets really frustrated.

‘Those 16-ounce gloves are going to be more difficult to knock his opponent out. And then they’re going to be blowing out of their a*** after three or four rounds, surely?’ 

Froch is of course referring to the famous 1997 incident, where Tyson was disqualified against Evander Holyfield for biting his ear midway through the contest. 

But ex-British fighter and now Sky Sports pundit Froch added that he also is questioning whether Tyson can physically cope with the strain of going back in the ring.  

Tyson took a chunk out of Evander Holyfield’s ear during their June 1997 bout in Las Vegas

‘We’re blowing out of our a*** after four rounds as young professional fighters, we just manage the recovery and breathe differently and go a bit flat-footed through the fight,’ Froch added.

‘But when you’re in your 50s, you’re absolutely exhausted and you can’t recover. Your fitness is your ability to recover and you can’t recover when you’re old.

‘So there is a danger of this becoming a no-contest after four rounds, there really is.’

Roy Jones Jr is two years younger than Tyson and also only retired two-and-a-half years ago

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