Tyson Fury left school runs and bins to wife Paris ahead of Dillian Whyte fight

Tyson Fury has been leaving tasks such as school runs and taking out the bins to his wife Paris ahead of his heavyweight title defence with Dillian Whyte.

The 'Gypsy King' embarked on a social media blackout to focus on his strict training preparations ahead of his showdown with Whyte at Wembley on Saturday. Fury has been forced to balance family life with his camp for the heavyweight clash, having opted to remain in Morecambe with his coach Sugar Hill Steward brought over from America.

And Fury revealed he has been distancing himself from his family while training to maximise his output. "I moved out of my family home and did my camp down the road for eight weeks," he said. "Paris has had to use her hands and legs to fill in for all the school runs and bin days I usually do.

"The camp house I have used is about four miles away from the house, just around the bay. I never ran near the house, I never saw the family. But it wasn’t that hard, it was not that long a time, it doesn’t matter if I am across the Atlantic or down the road, I have to focus on the camp and the fight and it is not a problem."

Fury has six children and most recently his wife Paris gave birth to Athena who endured a battle with ill health during preparations for Fury's trilogy clash with Deontay Wilder last year. The WBC champion also contracted coronavirus during the fight build-up which caused the fight to be rescheduled.

The 'Gypsy King' has been training alongside his sibling Tommy who will appear on the undercard, in addition to heavyweights Joseph Parker and drug-cheat Jarrell Miller. He recently broke his social media silence to confirm the smooth progress of his camp, and aimed a KO warning to his rival.

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After his fight with Whyte, Fury has claimed he will hang up his gloves to spend time with his family and focus on other career ventures which will match the previous wishes of his wife Paris. His father John has since hit out at his "b*******" claims that he will retire insisting his son is made for boxing and not emptying the bins.

"Bull****," John told talkSPORT. "Tyson you know for a fact, he's as mad as a box of frogs. Where's he going to go without boxing? What's he gonna do? Empty some bins, go for some coffee, take his kids to school and read the paper? Come on. Take what Tyson says with a pinch of salt.

"I'm his father, I know what's what. Boxing's his life. He'll be boxing when he's 40-years-old. He'll sit at home for a few months and think 'this is it'. He'll want the smell of the gyms, blood sweat and tears, taste of the leather again."

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