Tyron Woodley bags £1.5million to be sparked out in fight fans think is ‘rigged’

Tyron Woodley reportedly earned £1.5million to be sparked out by Jake Paul in their rematch, with fans thinking the fight was 'rigged'.

The pair met for the second time in Tampa on Saturday night, with Paul winning once again with a sixth round knockout to extend his professional record to 5-0.

Woodley had appeared to be carrying the momentum before he was left sprawled on the canvas by a devastating right hook from the YouTuber turned boxer.

Despite losing, the former UFC champion is understood to have received the highest purse of his career after stepping in to replace Tommy Fury.

The Mirror report that Woodley was paid a total of £1.5million for the bout, an increase from what he received for the first fight.

Both fighters were paid £1.4million each for their initial meeting back in August, which Paul won via a split decision.

Paul was paid considerably more this time, though, and is understood to have been paid in excess of £3.7million, although the official figures are yet to be released.

Fans were not entirely convinced by the legitimacy of the fight, however, with many claiming it was rigged on social media afterwards.

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One fan pointed out one action in particular from Paul prior to the knockout which hinted the fight may have been rigged.

They captioned a video of the knockout with: “Rigged? The twist of the hand to let him know it's time to flop?”

Paul could be seen twisting his right hand 90 degrees shortly before landing the knockout punch which ended the fight.

A number of fight fans thought this was a signal to Woodley that it was time for him to go down.

Others also noticed that Woodley appeared to drop his guard following the apparent signal before being decked by the next punch Paul threw.

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