Trump and De La Hoya share the curiosity in return of Tyson

President Donald Trump and Oscar De La Hoya share the curiosity in return to the ring by Mike Tyson and temptation of £150m showdown with Tyson Fury as 53-year-old could still be a violent menace to the heavyweight kings

  • President Donald Trump has sent a message of encouragement to Mike Tyson
  • Tyson shared a video demonstrating fearsome hand speed and power 
  • Now 53, the former heavyweight champion wants to fight again for charity
  • Fascination in two Tysons would surpass interest in Fury against Anthony Joshua

President Trump has sent a message of encouragement to Mike Tyson after seeing video footage of him hammering the pads with his old quick-fire ferocity.

‘Keep punching Mike’ tweeted America’s president as Tyson began preparing for a qualified return to the ring.

Whether or not that is wise counsel for a former world heavyweight champion aged 53 who last boxed 15 years ago, Trump is far from alone in supporting Tyson’s projected comeback.

Mike Tyson (left) took to social media to demonstrate he still possesses frightening hand speed

Now 53, the American hopes to return to the ring for a four-round exhibition bout for charity

President Donald Trump sent a message of encouragement to Tyson on Sunday

Another legendary champion, Oscar De La Hoya who is now a leading promoter, has this to say after watching the footage: ‘If he trains for 12 rounds Mike will knock out any of today’s leading heavyweights .’

Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder included, by the way. With that prediction the Golden Boy goes further than the man in the White House.

Trump will have been aware that Tyson is considering three-round exhibition fights in aid of charities. So far. But such high profile endorsements may well turn that tattooed face towards the real thing and his initial response to the compliments is this: ‘I’ll always be The Baddest Man On The Planet.’

Fascination in two Tysons would surpass interest in Fury against Anthony Joshua

Should he decide he wants to prove that all over again, woe betide anyone who tries to stop him.

In virtually all sports the temptation to come out of retirement for one last go for glory is ever present. Even in the hardest and most perilous game of all.

Tyson knows, also, how rich the rewards would be should he climb through the ropes for another world title shot.

The worldwide box office fascination for seeing the two Tysons – Iron Mike and Gypsy King Fury – go at it would surpass by far interest and revenue for Fury against Anthony Joshua.

Tyson has recovered financially from his wildly extravagant squandering of an estimated $350million. A cool $525m in today’s money. But he would by no means averse to banking another $150m for a mega-fight next year.

Given an offer of that order, age will become just a number. As it did when George Foreman returned to the Las Vegas ring, at 45 in 1994, to become the oldest winner of the world heavyweight title by knocking out Michael Moorer, a previously unbeaten 26-year-old.

Tyson, albeit at 18 years older than Big George, would harbour no fears for his life or his well-being. Nor would the boxing or health authorities find it legally easy to deny him a license, even if they wanted to after watching the gym tape.

The speed and power with which he goes to work is phenomenal. Of course there is a significant difference between hitting the pads and thundering into a giant who is punching back.

During his professional career, Tyson became known for his destructive fighting style

In all sanity, Tyson should be reminded of that and of the dangers. But he admits he has always been crazy. Also, he is nothing if not his own man. If he has regained that blood-lust which deserted him when he was battered by Lennox Lewis he could still be a violent menace to the new heavyweight generation.

How much of a menace, you have to admit, would be great fun finding out and The Donald would be among the most curious.

Some of the younger Tyson’s big fights were staged by Trump in his casinos on the Atlantic City Boardwalk and Iron Mike returned the favour by publicly endorsing election campaign. Perhaps this US President thinks he can perform another service on his behalf.

By knocking out the coronavirus.

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