Tim Tszyu defeats Jeff Horn: World reacts to new Aussie boxing star

They had to set their alarms but the boxing community in America wasn’t going to miss Tim Tszyu’s arrival on the world stage.

Fighters, media and fans from the US were in awe of the 25-year-old with the famous surname and the same incredibly high skill level as his world champion father, Kostya.

The reaction to Tszyu’s eighth round TKO win against Jeff Horn — who is well-known across the globe for his win against boxing legend Manny Pacquiao — was emphatic.

“Tim Tszyu is the new king of Aussie boxing,” CBS Sports Brian Campbell said. “This is a hell of a coming-out party.”

But he wasn’t the only ones singing Tszyu’s praises.

“It’s not so much about the who as the how,” USA Today boxing scribe Matthew Aguilar said. “Horn is Horn. But the story was Tszyu’s composure and discipline, and how he meticulously took a more experienced fighter apart.”

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“Tszyu sliced up Horn with precision and force,” ESPN’s Steve Kim said. “He operates with great efficiency inside the ring.”

“Tim Tszyu has arrived on the world level at 154 pounds with an utter dismantling of former welterweight belt holder Jeff Horn. He’s still outside the top 10 but definitely an intriguing name,” boxing journalist Mark Ortega added.

Toronto-based boxing writer Alex McClintock said: “Tszyu was clinical. Great punch selection. Head and body. Not ruffled at all. Jeff was maybe a bit flat but Tszyu made him look that way. Huge debut on the big stage.”


Tim Tszyu puts Jeff Horn down. Picture: Peter WallisSource:News Corp Australia

Ring Magazine is known internationally as the bible of boxing and two of its journalists were impressed with what they saw.

“Tim Tszyu obviously has nice technique and power, but he also has his old man’s distance control,” associate editor Tom Gray said.

“Horn was made to feel very uncomfortable from start to finish there. Kostya was ‘amazing’ in this area, even though the footwork was subtle.

“Horn, for all his flaws, is hard to look good against. (Terence) Crawford had his way with him, but he made Pacquiao look God awful, regardless of your thoughts on that decision. We’ve not seen the best of Tim Tszyu, not by a long shot.”

“Tim Tszyu has a good right hand, but it’s not the nuclear weapon his dad had. I like that his dad isn’t in the corner, allows Tim to be his own man. The brilliant left hooks to the body reminded me that his dad was also an underrated body puncher,” reporter Ryan Songalia said.

“Tim Tszyu is not his father. But I love how he controls the range with his left hand like his father. And he also makes good use of the check hook like his dad did.”


Tim Tszyu celebrates victory in his fight against Jeff Horn. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)Source:Getty Images

Others wanted to see a little more from Tsyzu before rubberstamping him as a world champion contender and were critical of Horn’s corner.

“Impressive performance by Tszyu proving he’s worth keeping an eye on,” boxing commentator John Einreinhofer said. “But keep in mind the list of 154 pound fighters who would’ve done that to Horn reads like a phone book.”

Freelance boxing writer Steve Lillis added: “Great win for Tim Tszyu. He can fight and is good, but how far he goes tough to judge. Poor Jeff Horn had nothing. Horn’s corner shockers.”

WBO junior lightweight champion Jamel Herring: “Most obviously expected Tszyu to win, but Horn just looked uncoordinated throughout the entire fight. He was constantly jumping in, wrestling, and swinging for the fences at every chance. I’d really like to know, what was their game plan?”

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