‘The Rock’ gives Meatball Molly ‘a**-kicking’ review after stealing move

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has given ‘Meatball’ Molly McCann the green light to keep on using his trademark special move.

The Liverpudlian has taken the UFC by storm this year with two consecutive knockout victories at UFC London. She used her now-signature spinning elbow again on Hannah Goldy this weekend to devastating effect, picking up another performance of the night award for her first round KO.

And she took to Twitter after her latest win to jokingly ask WWE legend The Rock whether she is allowed to continue using her trademark move, saying: "Excuse me Mr Rock, but can I keep borrowing the peoples elbow. It’s doing me bits.”

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It referenced The Rock’s famous ‘The People’s Elbow’ finisher stemming back to his ‘90s appearances on WWF, which is now one of the most recognised wrestling moves in the world. While executed differently, both McCann and Johnson’s moves revolve around a devastating elbow.

And in stunning scenes, Hollywood star Johnson replied saying: “From the Electrifying People’s Elbow to the Devastating People’s Meatbow. It's all yours! Keep kicking ass and having fun, champ! Much respect, Mr Rock."

McCann then added: “Thank you Dwayne I’ll only use when necessary :)”

Who do you think did it better out of The Rock and Meatball Molly? Let us know in the comments section.

Meatball Molly and fellow Liverpudlian Paddy Pimblett continue to attract fans with their exciting UFC performances. Pimblett also secured a performance of the night award with his sensational rear-naked choke on Jordan Leavitt.

McCann said after her victory on the night: "Did I think it would be the same finish, yes. You've all seen the promo this week, you've seen us go through the same stuff, rinse and repeat.

“I've drank as much as last time. I'm bladdered. This doesn't feel the same, the last time was special. It wasn't the same because I've done it before but I had much more faith in myself."


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