Taylor vs Serrano: Katie Taylor plans to become No 1 by beating Amanda Serrano then Cecilia Braekhus

Katie Taylor believes that winning her “career-changing” fight against Amanda Serrano will cement her as the No 1 women’s boxer in the world.

Undefeated Taylor will defend her undisputed lightweight title against Serrano, a seven-weight champion, in the most intriguing female fight ever on July 4.

“This is the best fighting the best, a fight that everybody wants to see,” Taylor said. “This is a very exciting fight not just for women’s boxing but for boxing as a whole. This is a fight that people want to see.

“It is a dangerous fight for both of us, and career-changing for both of us.

“Whoever wins this fight is cemented at No 1 in women’s boxing.

“I go into every fight with the same mindset, nothing has changed. She obviously does an awful lot of talking and it will be the same for this fight. But I don’t get involved in anything like that.”

America’s Claressa Shields, the three-weight world champion who was undisputed at middleweight, previously told Sky Sports News about Taylor: “She has a problem with pressure fighters. All her team have to do is acknowledge that and if she fixes that then me and her can be in competition about who is [the best] pound-for-pound.

“Right now, I’m pound-for-pound the best and Katie Taylor is second.”

Norway’s Cecilia Braekhus, the undisputed welterweight champion, is another who holds a claim to being women’s boxing’s No 1 fighter. She will next face Jessica McCaskill, who Taylor has already beaten.

“It’s a very interesting fight,” Taylor said. “I would imagine Cecilia will out-box Jessica. But Jessica has a big punch so anything can happen there.

“I want to be involved in the biggest fights and I can’t look past Serrano but, if I do come through, the fight with Braekhus is history-making. Undisputed champion vs undisputed champion – has that ever happened before?”

A weight issue would have to be resolved. Braekhus reigns at 147lbs but Taylor’s fight with Serrano is at 135lbs (although she also currently holds gold at 140lbs).

“We could do a catchweight at 142lbs but I can’t go above 140lbs too much,” Taylor said. “I walk around at maybe 142lbs or 143lbs at most. We could do a catchweight and that would be a super fight.”

Terri Harper became the first English woman to win a WBC title fight earlier this year and her ascent to world championship status has caught Taylor’s eye.

“She’s brilliant, so young at 23, and will only get better and better,” Taylor said. “What an ambassador for the sport. She’s willing to fight anyone.

“Her against Natasha Jonas is a huge domestic fight. We haven’t seen the best of Natasha in the professional ranks. I know how good she can be because I fought her numerous times in the amateurs. She hasn’t impressed yet as a pro but maybe this is the fight where she can produce a performance.

“Women’s boxing couldn’t get any bigger right now.

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