Picture of ex-UFC star and WWE legend Brock Lesnar aged 20 shows insane physique

A picture of former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar aged 20 shows just how remarkable an athlete he is.

Lesnar, now 44 years old, is the absolute epitome of an alpha male. MMA, amateur wrestling, WWE, American football – he's done them all.

And although he may not have come out of the womb looking like the scariest man on the planet, he's been in incredible shape for most of his life.

Having joined the United States' Army National Guard as a teenager, you'd expect him to be in a good condition.

But images of him in the late 1990s show off a frankly insane physique.

His outrageously huge muscles could barely be contained by the wrestling singlet he was sporting.

And the strongman pose he was holding caused veins to be visible all over his body.

It's no wonder Lesnar dominated the amateur wrestling scene, soon after becoming the National Collegiate Athletic Association heavyweight champion.

He finished his four-year career during his time at college with several honours and an outstanding record of 106–5.

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It was then that he was snapped up by the WWE, known at the time as the WWF, who propelled him into the spotlight as one of their main attractions.

His desire to begin an MMA career was fulfilled in 2007, and after signing with the UFC a year later he quickly won the heavyweight belt.

Lesnar has since gone back and forth between Vince McMahon and Dana White's promotions.

His draw for the UFC is only comparable to that of Conor McGregor.

But his appearance in 2018 where he stormed the Octagon and confronted then champ Daniel Cormier was his last to date.

The pair never agreed a fight and White has since said Lesnar is "done" with MMA.

In the meantime, he has returned to McMahon once more and became the new WWE Champion at their 'Day 1' event on Saturday.

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