OnlyFans babe invites Jake Paul to Barnsley to ‘teach him how to fight properly’

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    A former glamour model has invited Jake Paul to her living room in Barnsley where she famously beats up blokes for a living.

    Sophie Larissa Weiss made the bonkers offer after watching Tommy Fury “humble” the former Disney star.

    And the OnlyFans babe, who is known as the Barnsley Basher, believes she could knock out Paul if she had the chance.

    READ MORE: 'I beat men up from my living room for cash – they fly across world to be punched by me'

    The super strong slugger told us: “Even I could knock Jake Paul out!

    “And now that his career has ended maybe he can join me in Barnsley and help me beat up these dudes for extra cash or maybe he can be my dummy that I practise on.”

    Laughing, she added: “Maybe I can teach him a thing or two.”

    Paul was narrowly defeated by Love Islander Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia in an eight round bout that was decided by split decision.

    Sophie watched the scrap from her Yorkshire home where men pay her to be wrestled to the mats before being bashed about.

    And giving her reaction to the fight, she said: “I thought Jake looked scared and kept anticipating a lot.

    “When he went for it he would just aimlessly swing his arms around, he didn’t look like he knew what he was doing.

    “I could see the fear in his eyes and I think he was hoping to get that one lucky knockout punch on Tommy.

    “I could have probably done a better job and Tommy definitely out boxed him.

    “I really wanted Tommy to win and I was really rooting for him because I wanted Jake Paul to finally get humbled.

    “He needed that for his own good.”

    In the unlikely event Paul gets on his private jet to fly to Barnsley, below is an insight into what he could face.

    Sophie has been embracing her unusual career for four years and in a previous interview she explained what it was she actually does.

    The 30-year-old told Daily Star: “I beat up men for a living.

    “They want me to dominate them with wrestling moves and they like to be punched in the face.

    “I had a guy from Madrid who flew all the way over to be punched in the face by me. He got a cheap flight and hotel but I charge £500 an hour and he spent two hours here.

    “My dad thinks it’s funny and great and he was telling people on holiday in Egypt. He was like ‘oh yeah my daughter throws men around for a living’.”

    Sophie became a glamour model at 19 before falling in love with martial arts after being encouraged into fitness by her father.

    She now makes fortunes by giving fellas a bruising – and she now hopes Jake Paul could be her next big client…


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