Mayweather to return to the ring in dream virtual fights

Floyd Mayweather will return to the ring in the virtual world after signing deal to stage fights against legends from any era as fans get chance to see some of their dream bouts 

  •  Floyd Mayweather has signed a deal to put himself in a virtual boxing setting 
  •  The streaming platform will see boxing legends of the past have dream bouts
  •  More legends to be included are to be announced in the coming weeks

Floyd Mayweather has signed a deal to return to the boxing ring in an agreement which could see dream never before seen matches take place.

However his return will take place in the virtual world after he agreed to put his digital likeness up against other boxing greats. 

The joint venture between Mayweather, streaming platform fuboTV and virtual entertainment company FaceBank, allows for some of greatest fights of all time that never happened and could have never happened.

Floyd Mayweather has announced he will return to the boxing ring but in a virtual setting

It will give fans the chance to see matches many would have never thought to have seen take place.  

The company is expected to announce similar agreements with other boxing greats in the coming weeks. 

But fans will hope they can see dream bouts such as Muhammed Ali v Mike Tyson or Mayweather against Sugar Ray Leonard.  

‘Resembling short films, these precise, real-time simulations will feature top-secret results based on a modeling computer that will make incremental relationships between actual performance, velocity of punches, speed of reaction, strategy and stamina,’ read a news release to announce the joint venture.

‘These unprecedented virtual boxing matches will be exclusive to live TV streaming platform fuboTV and pay-per-view partners to be announced.’

FaceBank will work with Mayweather to research and analyse photographic, filmed and mathematical representations of the boxer’s face and body to develop a comprehensive computer-generated ‘digital likeness’ of him.

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