Logan Paul could fight UFC star Paddy Pimblett according to boxer Viddal Riley

Internet sensation Logan Paul has recently called out Paddy Pimblett in a bid to fight the UFC star, and it could happen according to British boxer Viddal Riley.

Paul has stepped into the ring on various occasions to fight the likes of KSI and even Floyd Mayweather, but he may transfer his talents to The Octagon to try his hand at MMA. Pimblett is one of the biggest characters in the UFC, and Paul seemingly wants a piece of the action.

Pimblett is known for his weight fluctuations between fights, and Paul called out the UFC star during a recent appearance on the MMA Hour as his increase in size meant that the pair would be closer in terms of weight category. And Riley believes that the fight could actually happen, as he claimed it "ticked all the boxes".

Riley said on The Pain Game Podcast: "Logan is smart, he knows exactly who to pick. And with Paddy he's thinking 'I'm a big guy, I wrestled, he's better than me but maybe the size with a bit of experience, I can do something'.

"There's a lot of money in it, so when I see him say those things, I tell people to take the weight difference out their head. No belt on the line here, no one is trying to climb the ranks.

"This is 'I'm getting paid, and the promotion is going to be great', and you're all going to watch it. That fight ticks all the boxes. You'd have to watch it, I'd watch it.

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"I don't think it's a ridiculous call-out like I understand why. And now Dana White hasn't ruled it out, that's all he needed to hear. So now he knows that door is open to him. He's [Logan] good, I rate what he is doing."

Recently Paul spoke to UFC president Dana White about being able to fight in a future event, and speculation heightened as the claims weren't ruled out by White. Paul has already sold out boxing events, and with Pimblett's fanbase it's expected that a future UFC bout would be a similar success.

Riley himself stepped into the ring in February after a two-year absence to add to his 100 per cent record as a professional boxer, beating Willbeforce Shihepo on points to extend his tally to 5-0. The boxer knows Paul well after training fellow YouTube star KSI to beat the American, but has since left his role as his trainer.

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