Hughie Fury felt Alexander Povetkin’s ‘best’ punch and has warned Dillian Whyte faces a precarious rematch

Hughie Fury says he withstood Alexander Povetkin’s “best” punch and has warned that Dillian Whyte is facing a precarious rematch with the Russian powerhouse.  

Whyte intends to enforce an immediate return bout this year after he suffered a shock knockout to Povetkin in the finale of Fight Camp on Saturday.

Fury knows all about the threat of Povetkin, having traded punches for 12 rounds in a hard-fought points loss to the former WBA champion, and says he spotted warning signs for Whyte before the fight-ending uppercut.

“To be honest with you, when the fight started off I thought Povetkin was getting comfortable in there,” Fury told Sky Sports. “He’s more of a shorter fighter, Dillian Whyte, so he was able to get his shots off.

“Povetkin was growing with confidence that he was able to get his shots. Dillian Whyte was waiting for that one shot, because he was wary of the power of Povetkin. What he kept doing, Dillian Whyte, he kept putting his hands [out] and going downwards.

“He feinted with the shot and came up with the uppercut, because he [Whyte] kept going down, so yeah I did see the uppercuts he was open for.”

Fury acknowledged Povetkin as one of the most threatening punchers in the top division, but the former British champion has since fixed technical flaws with his right hand that hampered him in a decision loss a year ago.

“Dillian Whyte done good, he knocked him down a few times, and Dillian Whyte will come again,” said Fury.

“I took all of his best shots last time, Povetkin, they didn’t bother me at all. That’s why now, I’m more stronger, more wiser and they are the fights that I want. Trust me, now Povetkin won’t last.

“Povetkin is a very dangerous puncher, if you let him have the range. He’s right up there with them, but when you’re in there, you don’t really feel the shots. I’m probably a bit of a nutcase. I just carry on doing what I’m doing, but I don’t really feel the shots.

“You’ve got to have the smartness in there with the boxing at the same time. That’s why I’m dying for that rematch. I was only going in there with one hand, I couldn’t throw my right hand last time. I kick myself when I watch it and I watch it over and over again.”

Trainer and father Peter Fury confirmed earlier this month that Hughie is expected to return before the end of the year following a swift stoppage win over Pavel Sour in March.

The WBC has confirmed that Whyte can possibly regain his status as a mandatory challenger in the Povetkin rematch, although Hughie Fury admits this fight again carries a huge risk.

“He’s going to take the rematch anyway and, of course, it’s a dangerous fight for him, like it was the first fight,” said Fury. “He was fully prepared, he had no excuses and he just got hit.”

Whyte told Sky Sports News that he will not repeat his costly lapse of concentration in a second fight with Povetkin.

I learned from a harsh mistake. I’m still the same me, ready to go, I can’t wait to get back in there.

Dillian Whyte

“It was a silly mistake,” said Whyte. “I blocked that punch 100 times in training. The one time it needed to be blocked, I was too late.

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