How the Paul vs Fury 'script' was debunked

Incorrect ring walk songs, fake boxing promotions and the WRONG result… how the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury ‘leaked script’ was completely debunked with the former Love Island star winning in Saudi Arabia

  • Tommy Fury emerged victorious in the highly-anticipated bout with Jake Paul 
  • The Brit took home the win after a split decision victory in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia 
  • A ‘script’ circulated social media prior to the fight but it was easily debunked 

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury finally settled their differences inside the ring on Sunday night in an eight-round bout where the latter emerged victorious. 

The highly-anticipated fight lived up to expectations as the two personalities traded blows inside a packed out Diriyah Arena – with Cristiano Ronaldo and Mike Tyson in attendance.

But, hours before the bout, there had been questions over the validity of the event after a ‘leaked script’ circulated social media and suggested the fight was rigged.

Promoters quickly confirmed to Sportsmail that the document was fake and that there was no truth behind claims that the fight outcome had been pre-planned.

However, some fans didn’t need official confirmation to figure out that the document was false after they picked up on a number of incorrect details from the ‘script’.

Tommy Fury (right) emerged victorious in his fight with Jake Paul (left) on Sunday evening

A ‘leaked script’ seemed to suggest Fury was going to lose the bout via TKO on the night

The first thing that users online were quick to note is that ‘Troop Boxing Promotions’ (who’s logo had been watermarked onto the document) does not exist, according to a Google search. 

The ‘script’ began with claims over the walkout music for both fighters – which were proven incorrect within minutes.

The document suggested that Paul would emerge to the song Mr. Steal Your Girl by Trey Songz and that he would wear a ‘baby outfit, trolling Tommy’. 

In actuality, the Ohio fighter walked out to the song Outlet by Desiigner. And he was wearing a black vest that had ‘PRBLM CHILD’ on the front. 

Likewise, Fury was supposedly going to emerge to Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. But again, the ‘script’ was wrong. He actually had Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival playing as he made his way to the ring. 

The ‘script’ did manage to predict his attire – ‘a tribute to his wife and newborn baby daughter’ – as he wore a top with the name ‘Bambi’ on the front, but that was hardly a shock. 

Moving into details over the fight itself and it seems the script was wrong on multiple counts.

Paul walked out wearing a black vest with ‘PRBLM CHILD’ written across the front

Fury, meanwhile, wore a top that had a tribute to his newborn daughter Bambi for his walkout

In Round One, it claimed that ‘the fighters start off cautiously, circling each other and throwing jabs. Jake Paul lands a solid left hook, but Tommy Fury responds with a quick right hand.’

Given it’s quite a vague description for an entire round, it’s hard to say it’s conclusively false. However, Fury did come out on top from the opening round, which the ‘script’ fails to suggest.

Into Round Two, the ‘script’ predicted that ‘Tommy Fury takes control of the fight, landing several combinations to Jake Paul’s body. Paul seems to be struggling to find his rhythm, and the crowd starts to get restless.’

This may have been the most accurate part of the fake document, as Fury picked apart his American opponent with his jab throughout the second round. 

Youtuber-turned-boxer Paul was certainly struggling to find his rhythm within the second round – but that was more to the crowd’s delight than anything. 

The ‘script’ claimed that, in Round Three, ‘Jake Paul rallies, throwing jabs and hooks that catch Fury off guard.’

The ‘script’ claimed Paul would cause Fury issues early on, but in actuality it was the opposite

Again, this didn’t entirely miss the mark. Paul certainly did perform better in the third round than the two previous, but hardly caught Fury off guard. 

Round Four. This is where things get interesting, as the ‘script’ claimed that in this round Fury would be ‘having trouble with his left eye’ and that Paul would be ‘landing several hard shots to the head’.

This was not the case. Fury walked out of his corner with purpose – after a foul-mouthed onslaught from Paul’s brother Logan – and dealt the American some heavy blows.

Paul, in fairness, returned with a nice left-hook that caught Fury flush and was arguably the best shot of the night. But there was no cut and no swelling. 

In Round Five, the ‘script’ said that Fury’s eye would be ‘completely closed’ and would need checking from the ‘ringside doctor’.

Paul was dealt the first loss of his professional boxing career after the split decision defeat

This was very far off the mark. In reality, Paul and Fury traded good shots – including a big overhand that rocked the Brit – before the referee intervened in dramatic fashion.

Paul was deducted one point for a shot to the back of Fury’s head and that spurned the 6-0 fighter to try and lay major damage on his British foe.

In Round Six, it was suggested that ‘Fury is having trouble seeing Paul’s punches, and he starts to take more punishment’. 

In the penultimate round, it said that ‘Fury’s corner is now starting to get worried, as their fighter is clearly in trouble’. Again, not the case. 

Paul landed a knockdown on Fury in the final round but it wasn’t enough to secure him the win

The only concern coming from Fury’s corner in that round would’ve come as the Brit was deducted a point for holding – which the ‘script’ failed to mention. 

In the eighth and final round, the ‘script’ claimed that ‘Paul lands a huge right hand that sends Fury crashing to the canvas’ and would be crowned winner by TKO. 

Paul did actually manage to score a knockdown in this round after landing a jab on Fury, but the latter later claimed it was simply a slip.

The fight ended up going the distance – which the ‘script’ failed to mention – before Fury was crowned winner via split decision. No TKO needed. 

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