Frank Warren queries suspension of boxing in January by British Board of Control

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Frank Warren has called the actions of the British Boxing Board of Control to suspend boxing in January a ‘disgrace’.

The Queensberry promoter called for transparency and more communication from the sport’s authorities with licence holders over the decision which he believes will damage the sport.

The BBBofC declared on Saturday that all boxing is suspended this month in the UK due to rising Covid-19 cases.

The board cite the pressures on the NHS during the pandemic as the reasons for this as their staff are used as ringside medics.

But other sports have not been forced to shut down with doctors and other medics offering up their time outside of their working hours.

Warren has been forced to cancel shows in January and February over the uncertainty of if the sport will be allowed to continue next month.

The promoter has written a letter to the BBBofC calling for answers over their decision and outlined how it will hurt boxing while other sports are free to continue.

He said: “The Board has dealt with it in a totally unprofessional way, whilst other professional, and for that matter amateur sports’ governing bodies, work with their clubs and participants to make sure their respective sports continue in difficult circumstances, the Board just made such an impactful and important decision.

“You didn’t show any consideration to its members, it is unacceptable behaviour.

“We have had to cancel our two shows in February, how can we promote and put tickets on sale when we have no idea what you are doing next?

“Are we supposed to lose even more money and importantly what are boxers to do regarding their preparation and training and the costs that they incur?

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“How are we to explain your arbitrary decision to television companies and our sponsors, when other sports work and continue to keep going for the fans and participants.

“Your actions are utterly incompetent and incomprehensible, they show no regard to the impact on the sport and it’s licence holders.

“What medical information do the Board have that other sports are not privy to, to make such an arbitrary decision concerning boxing?

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“The Board’s actions are a disgrace, you need to justify non consultation with your licence holders and your decision to being the only sport to lockdown.”

Boxxer and Sky Sports will have to move Chris Eubank Jnr’s middleweight clash with Welshman Liam Williams on January 29 in Cardiff.

While Amir Khan and Kell Brook’s February welterweight fight could be thrown into doubt if the sport doesn’t resume before then.

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