Ferguson loses THIRD fight in a row as he suffers gruesome injury

Tony Ferguson loses THIRD fight in a row at UFC 262 as he suffers gruesome knee injury in co-main event defeat by Beniel Dariush

  • Tony Ferguson fell to his third consecutive defeat to Beneil Dariush
  • The American previously lost to Justin Gaethje and Charles Oliveira 
  • Ferguson survived until the end of the fight despite a gruesome knee injury
  • Dariush said Ferguson’s ‘knee popped’ in the second round in a submission hold 

Tony Ferguson suffered his third defeat in a row at UFC 262, as he fell to an unanimous decision loss to Beniel Dariush.

The 37-year-old had won 12 fights in a row before falling to consecutive losses against Justin Gaethje and Charles Oliveira in 2020.

Despite his convincing defeat against the Iranian Dariush, it was perhaps a miracle he lasted until the end of his fight after he suffered a gruesome knee injury.

Tony Ferguson fell to a convincing unanimous decision defeat to Iranian Beneil Dariush

Ferguson was able to get to the end of the fight despite suffering a knee injury in the second round

Dariush locked Ferguson in an inverted heel hook in the second round of a fight that mainly remained on the ground.

With his leg bending and no sign that he could escape, it seemed like there was no way out for Ferguson who was visibly grimacing in pain.

In the post-fight interview, Dariush told Joe Rogan that he heard Ferguson’s knee pop out during the heel hook, but the former interim lightweight champion refused to give up and tap out.

He said: ‘It popped. I looked at him and then he started kicking me and went back to normal and I was like ‘man, he’s not human.’ Tony is not human.

 ‘I thought to myself I’m going to squeeze this a little bit more, if he taps, he taps. If not, whatever. 

‘We’ll move on and keep doing what we’re doing. I popped the heel but couldn’t get him.’

Dariush praised Ferguson after the fight saying that the 37-year-old was ‘not human’

Ferguson survived the remainder of the round and survived the third and final round but was dominated by Dariush across the 15 minute fight.

The judges awarded the match to the Iranian, with a 30-27 score across the board. 

After his third consecutive loss, it raises questions on what’s next for the 37-year-old American.

During Dana White’s press conference after the event, the UFC president said: ‘Time gets us all man. It’s definitely got to Tony.’

When asked if it’s getting to the point where Dana needs to have ‘the talk’ with Ferguson about his fighting career, White stated that he was unsure.

UFC 262 was headlined by Oliveira who followed up his victory over Ferguson at UFC 256, with a TKO victory over Michael Chandler.  

It was Ferguson’s third straight loss after previous defeats to Justin Gaethje and Charles Oliveira

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