Ferguson blasts 'mentally weak' McGregor for lack of character

Tony Ferguson blasts ‘mentally weak’ Conor McGregor for lack of character after Irishman mocked him, comparing his head to a chicken nugget following brutal Michael Chandler KO

  • Conor McGregor mocked Tony Ferguson following defeat by Michael Chandler
  • He compared image of the knockout to ‘El Cucuy’ turning into chicken nugget
  • Ferguson has called Irishman ‘McNugget’ in the past and pair do not get on
  • American thinks McGregor’s taunting of him shows he is mentally weak 

Tony Ferguson has claimed Conor McGregor’s taunting of him shows the Irishman is ‘mentally weak’. 

The Irishman mocked his lightweight rival following the devastating knockout by Michael Chandler at UFC 274. 

He compared the still image of Ferguson’s face when Chandler’s kick connected to a chicken nugget, a comment referencing ‘El Cucuy’s’ old nickname for him of ‘McNugget’. 

Tony Ferguson was knocked out cold by a crushing front-kick by Michael Chandler

Conor McGregor posted this of Ferguson’s face at the moment of impact made into a nugget

‘Tony had some great nuggets in the media build up, then he got punt kicked to the chin and got turned into a nugget himself,’ he wrote on Twitter. 

‘That’s crazy. If you pulled that out of a McDonald’s bag you’d dip it in sauce and eat without a moments thought. No doubt. That would pass as a legitimate McDonald’s chicken nugget. That’s crazy!’

Ferguson then told Submission Radio: ‘A lot of things he does, it just has to say something about his character.

‘It’s just to taunt people, it’s mentally weak. It’s like when you use a GameGenie and you’re able to win fast, you don’t really have fun anymore. He’s trying to enjoy everybody’s else stuff.

‘The dude was riding my bike on his run trail. He was even kicking the pole, it was the most ridiculous stuff,’ he continued.

Ferguson used to be managed by Paradigm Sports, who take care of McGregor but then split with them in acrimonious circumstances. 

The veteran claims Paradigm owe him £401,000 and his relationship with the former two-weight champion has been fractious. 

There is a possibility the pair could fight when the Dubliner comes back from his broken leg, which might not be until next year.  

Both men are in desperate need of a win and Ferguson has suffered defeat in his last four encounters. 

Ferguson is looking to break a four-fight losing streak and could face McGregor in the future

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