Ebanie Bridges poses with Barry Hearn as fans joke "at least he looks at her"

Ebanie Bridges traded one Hearn for another on a visit to the snooker as fans pointed out that at least Barry looks at her – unlike Eddie.

The Blonde Bomber took time out from her busy schedule to attend Tuesday's afternoon session at the World Snooker Championship, where she met Matchroom founder Barry Hearn. The elder Hearn signed a copy of his newly-released autobiography for Bridges, who took the opportunity to get a couple of cheeky pictures with the legendary promoter.

The duo posed for two photos together, including one of Hearn looking at Bridges as they shared a joke. Cheeky boxing fans couldn't help but notice that while Eddie has difficulty making eye contact with the Australian during her raunchy weigh-ins, Barry seemed to have no trouble at all.

One person wrote: "Least Barry looks at you ebz. Eddie is scared to." While someone else joked: "You had more clothes on seeing Barry than Eddie."

Bridges captioned the photo with a cheeky dig at Eddie, who is usually by her side at weigh-ins: "Me and @BarryHearn having a good banter. Now I know where @EddieHearn gets it from, although I think Barry is the funnier Hearn."

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The New South Wales babe enjoys nothing more than making Eddie go red at her weigh-ins as she strips down to her lingerie in what has become one of her signature moves.

She first made Hearn blush before her fight against Bec Connolly last August. Bridges took to the scales ahead of the Matchroom Fight Camp bout wearing nothing but a skimpy leopard-print thong and matching bra.

Boxing fans couldn't help noticing that Hearn, who was stood behind her, was doing everything he could to avert his gaze. As Bridges got closer, he made a pointed effort to look up to the ceiling and not at her barely-clothed body.

She repeated the trick before her fight against against Mailys Gangloff last September, forcing Hearn to address the situation in a later interview. "Anywhere the eyes look, there are cameras everywhere, do you know what I mean?," Hearn began.

"So the best way to go about it is just to look somewhere else. Ebanie knows what she's doing. She's a tremendous fighter. Obviously a lot of people want to see her weigh-in as well.

"It is what it is, but for me, it's not about keeping composure, it's about making sure the camera doesn't catch me at a particular time where I might be looking somewhere that looks like I'm looking somewhere else. I'm respectful of that and I think I'll just find a spot at the back of the wall somewhere."

Hearn probably expected more of the same before Bridges latest weigh-in ahead of her fight against Maria Cecilia Roman. And while the Blonde Bomber did indeed strip down to her lingerie once more, she had a surprise in store for the Matchroom chief.

As she walked onto the stage, Bridges quickly got changed into her usual attire that fight fans have come to know and love. But as she strolled over to the scales, she made a beeline for Hearn and handed him a pair of black sunglasses so that he wouldn't have to awkwardly avert his gaze as before.

Bridges turned back towards the camera with a cheeky grin painted across her face. Hearn accepted the shades but put them in his pocket as the Aussie made her way up onto the scales, again making sure to avoid looking at her.

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