Ebanie Bridges makes Eddie Hearn joke 12 months on from iconic lingerie weigh-in

Ebanie Bridge s has poked fun at Eddie Hearn 12 months on from her iconic lingerie weigh-in that left the boxing promoter googly-eyed.

The Blonde Bomber beat Maria Cecilia Roman this time last year to win the IBF Bantamweight title, but turned heads before the bout began with her now traditional pre-fight strip off.

Hearn, who was on stage at the time, went viral after being spotted trying to politely avert his gaze as a scantily-clad Ebanie walked past him, prompting the Australian fighter to hand him a pair of sunglasses so he could 'check her out' without looking like a lech.

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Ebanie uploaded a snap of the handover to her Instagram story, along with the caption: "Still waiting for you to return those sunglasses @EddieHearn."

Following her title win, Ebanie claimed she made Hearn blush when she handed him the dignity-saving specs.

Be honest – have you ever worn sunglasses just to check someone out without being caught? Tell us about it if you have in the comments section below (we won't tell the missus)

"I thought, you know what, I’m going to help a mate out, let’s not hurt his neck. Let him have a look and he won’t get busted," she explained.

"So I gave him some sunglasses, I went up to him and I go, ‘Eddie, I got you some sunglasses’ and he looked at me and he started laughing and started blushing; I’ve got pictures of him blushing."

The 36-year-old then took the mickey out of Hearn's clothes, given that his green hoodie matched her silky green lingerie, which made him even more "uncomfortable", apparently.

"I was like, ‘I like that you got the memo that we’re wearing green today, nice one Eddie, we’re matching. He looked so uncomfortable," she laughed.


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