Ebanie Bridges and Elle Brooke ‘double trouble’ OnlyFans collab sparks frenzy

Ebanie Bridges sent her followers into meltdown after she announced a live collab on OnlyFans with fellow boxer Elle Brooke.

The Blonde Bomber, who joined the subscription site in December and has racked up over 150k likes in the months since, announced out of the blue that her and Brooke would be "catching up" with those who pay to see her exclusive content.

Taking to Twitter with a video of the both of them together, she said: "Hi guys, me and Elle are gonna be live on my OnlyFans in half an hour, so make sure you go to the link in my bio and subscribe so you can catch up with us."

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Brooke, meanwhile, posted an Instagram story in which she echoed: "Hey guys, I'm with Ebanie, and we're gonna go live on her other page, so make sure you go on her account and click on her link at 9 o'clock."

The duo reuniting left many a jaw on the floor, with one person replying: "WHAT THE F***!!!!" A second dubbed them: "Double trouble."

"Absolutely stunning the pair of you enjoy all that are lucky enough to be watching these pair," commented a third, while a fourth crudely wrote: "Imagine being the meat in that sandwich."

Who's your favourite – Bridges or Brooke? Let us know in the comments section.

And ahead of tomorrow's Premier League action, a fifth joked: "So people could see Man City f*** Leeds two days running?"

Bridges and Brooke have formed a close friendship over the past 12 months after the former helped the latter with her boxing training. Speaking in March of this year, Brooke exclusively told Daily Star Sport in return she was "teaching" the ways of OnlyFans to Bridges.

The City fan said: “She is one of my bestest friends. The best thing is we always get mistaken for each other. We are so similar.

"We are the same height, pretty much the same build and blond hair. She is like my twin sister. I think people find that really exciting looking at our content.

“It’s ‘Blonde Bomber’ and ‘Baby Bomber’, which is so cute. I think guys really love the similarities between us. Our personalities and our banter is also really similar.

“It does [seem to work]. It’s funny, I think after the first days I met her when she came back from Australia, it was funny because it was like ‘I can teach you boxing and you can teach me OnlyFans’. It’s a good mixup.”


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