Deontay Wilder's fiancee accuses Tyson Fury of 'buying time'

‘I don’t believe anything that he says’: Deontay Wilder’s fiancee Telli Swift accuses Tyson Fury of ‘buying time’ after his positive Covid-19 test delayed their trilogy bout until October… and claims the Gypsy King just ‘isn’t ready’

  • Tyson Fury’s positive Covid-19 test delayed his trilogy bout with Deontay Wilder 
  • The fight, initially scheduled for July 24, has now been pushed back to October 
  • But Wilder’s fiancee Telli Swift has accused Fury of using the result to ‘buy time’ 
  • She insists Fury is not ready and revealed she doesn’t believe ‘anything’ he says 

Deontay Wilder’s fiancee Telli Swift has accused Tyson Fury of ‘buying time’ after their trilogy bout was pushed back until October.

Fury has contracted Covid-19, with an outbreak having swept across his camp, and the anticipated showdown on July 24 was disrupted.

But Swift has insisted the fight should have gone ahead on the original date as planned, and believes the postponement is solely because Fury ‘isn’t ready’. 

Deontay Wilder’s fiancee Telli Swift says Tyson Fury used his Covid-19 diagnosis to ‘buy time’

Fury (left) and Wilder (right) will now fight again in October after July’s bout was pushed back

‘You’ve trained so hard, blood, sweat, and tears. And then for someone to have Covid, and Deontay’s fight with torn biceps, broken fingers, burns on his arms, and he still fought,’ Swift told TMZ.

‘I just feel like with Covid and you have 16 days until the fight, he should still be able to fight and make it happen.

‘I don’t think that he’s ready. I think he’s buying time, and I just feel like he feels Deontay is at the best looking-wise.’

Swift (pictured with Wilder) believes Fury is ‘not ready’ to take on his rival in their trilogy fight

Fury was fully expected to recover in time for the next grudge match, but he argued that he would have handed Wilder an advantage by missing out on days of training.

Reigning WBC heavyweight king Fury hasn’t officially commented on his positive Covid-19 diagnosis, but a statement was released by his camp confirming the test.

But Swift isn’t buying into the claims, and added: ‘Personally, I don’t believe anything that he says. So, I don’t believe anything that he says, and that’s that.’

Despite battling away with the virus, Fury was snapped walking around Las Vegas – a move which saw Dillian Whyte label him as a ‘disgrace to British boxing’.

Fury angered fans by appearing in public in Las Vegas at a casino (left) and car dealer (right)

Having been spotted at Royal Exotic Cars Shop and a casino, Fury has been widely criticised for apparently failing to self-isolate. It is not know when he tested positive.

But the storm surrounding Wilder’s next opponent isn’t bothering him, with Swift revealing that his mind is fully on finally getting the better of his old rival. 

‘Deontay’s mind… he eats, sleeps, lives Tyson Fury. So, he’s ready for Tyson!’ she said.

The third bout looked as though it would never take place after Fury’s second victory over Wilder, but a court ruled in favour in giving the American a shot at redemption.

Wilder is fully focused on finally downing Fury, Swift also revealed, despite the controversy

That saw Fury’s undisputed Battle of Britain clash with Anthony Joshua scuppered, despite the duo putting pen to paper on the contracts.

Fury has since been described as ‘frustrated’ following his Covid diagnosis, with the boxer facing up to the prospect of almost two years out of the ring 

‘Unfortunately, they in the camp and himself got tested positive for Covid,’ Frank Warren told BT Sport.

Fury was initially set to face Anthony Joshua before a court had ruled in Wilder’s favour in May

‘There’s nothing we can do about it. It’s the times we live in, so the fight is postponed. Pushed back. 

‘Very frustrating. Really frustrating for Tyson. By the time he gets into the ring, he will have been out for nearly 20 months. That’s a long, long time.’

Bob Arum, meanwhile, confirmed that Fury has rejected a second Covid vaccine because he did not want to experience sickness in the lead-up to the fight.  

Promoter Bob Arum confirmed Fury rejected a second Covid vaccine to avoid becoming sick

‘He got vaccinated in Miami. He got the first shot,’ Arum explained to Boxing Scene

‘And then he said he didn’t wanna get the second shot because he didn’t wanna get sick [from the vaccination] so close to the fight. So, he got Covid instead.

‘I knew he had one shot, and I was hoping it was Johnson & Johnson. But it wasn’t. It was Moderna.’

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