Deontay Wilder “declines” pay-off to allow Tyson Fury to fight Anthony Joshua

Deontay Wilder has reportedly turned down Tyson Fury's promoters' offer for step aside money as a July 24 date has been set for their trilogy.

The figures reported for the deal went as £14million, but Wilder's coach Malik Scott has claimed that the American is insisting on a third fight.

Fury was scheduled to fight Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia on August 14, but now looks set to be returning three weeks earlier to face Wilder, whom he has beaten and drawn with in their previous two meetings.

After Bob Arum told ESPN that Fury was 'not paying Wilder to step aside', Scott took to Instagram to set the record straight, telling his 87,300+ followers that Wilder in fact turned the deal down.

He said: "Wilder declined and had no interest in step aside money. Y'all are dealing with a different type of m********* here.

"He want the blood [sic], no that step aside money. 'Retribution is upon us'."

Wilder has been looking sharp in preparation for his comeback, and has been seen training with new coach Scott on his Instagram page.

But he'll need to be a completely different fighter to the one who fought Fury in February of 2020 when he was brutally stopped in the seventh round.

The pair have fought twice before, with their December 2018 bout ending in a highly controversial draw after Fury seemingly controlled the fight – bar two knockdowns.

And Wilder has thrown the spanner in the works for the whole heavyweight division now, with Anthony Joshua appearing to be gearing up instead for a fight with mandatory challenger Oleksandr Usyk.

But Usyk was said to have agreed to fight with Joe Joyce for an interim WBO title, so it looks like this result will leave Joyce without a fight and unsure of his spot with the organisation.

Plans were in place to build a new stadium in Jeddah specifically for the Fury-Joshua fight, but they will have to wait until at earliest November, according to promoter Bob Arum.

Fury and Wilder are contractually obligated to a third fight, where the Brit will earn 60% of the purse to Wilder's 40% as per terms agreed in late 2019, before their second bout.

They had tentatively set a July 18 fight date last year, but that was scrapped due to the coronavirus crisis and pushed back to first October and then December before it was again postponed, prompting Fury to walk away.

But Wilder disputed Fury's right to walk away from his contract and took his grievances to arbitration with retired judge Daniel Weinstein examining the case, and is now set for his chance at redemption.

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