Boxing legend Frank Bruno tells next PM to KO time-bomb of mental health

The next Prime Minister to succeed Boris Johnson has already been warned by boxing legend Frank Bruno that the 'ticking time-bomb' of mental health has to be addressed immediately.

The 60-year-old retired legend has spoken out about the impacts of mental health following the pandemic, with his charity supporting the rise of numbers in cases of depression and anxiety. The Frank Bruno Foundation supports men, women and kids that are suffering, and the legend has raised awareness in his new audio-version of his life story.

Bruno opens up about hid own fight with Bipolar Disorder which has seen him sectioned and hospitalised on several occasions in the past. And now he's urging the next PM to deal with the rising cases, as mental health continues to be a growing problem in the UK, and worldwide.

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Speaking in his new audio-book, Bruno said: "The main reason I wanted to share my story is to show people there’s no shame in speaking out about mental health. And make no mistake people are really struggling out there right now.

"I’m worried those in charge don’t give a monkeys and aren’t doing enough about it. I’ve not heard much said by Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss on it. If they came and spent half an hour with the people working at my Foundation they’d see for themselves how much of a struggle it is.

"Those suffering with mental ill health aren’t able to get the help they need through the NHS because services are so over-stretched. It’s out of order."

Bruno is keen to use his own life experiences to change the fortunes of others, and added: "I’ve been there and got the t-shirt. That’s why I wanted to start a Foundation that helps people in a different kind of way.

"The Government needs to spend some proper money on ensuring those suffering can get a different kind of service. If you break your arm or leg you can go to hospital and get it fixed. But if your mind is busted then you have to go home and sort it out on your own. That’s not right."

Bruno already has one centre open in Northampton and will be opening a new home in Oxford soon. He also plans to open sites in east London and Essex in the future, as his Foundation continues to grow.

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