Anthony Joshua’s stance on fighting Deontay Wilder before taking on Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua is open to fighting Deontay Wilder despite neither of them having their hands on a heavyweight world title.

Joshua recently lost his belts to Oleksandr Usyk with Wilder unable to prise his strap back from Tyson Fury.

AJ is set to fight Usyk again in his next bout, with eyes potentially turning towards an undisputed bout with Fury in the future.

Though Joshua, 32, would not be against fighting Wilder regardless of whether there are belts on the line or not.

Asked what his future holds by iFL TV, Joshua said: "If the fans can't see I would take these fights with the fighters like Wilder in a heartbeat.

"And I want people to know that I would fight anyone in their prime or anytime.

"Give me a mandatory and I will fight anyone, I love the game and will fight anyone.

"I will take on any challenge providing politics aren't an issue and the finances are there with these guys, people know what I am about.

"I think Wilder fought Fury thinking it was going to be easier than his previous fights and got caught in a trilogy web.

"But would I fight Wilder, yes I would."

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Joshua looked set to fight Fury this year in an undisputed battle before a court ruled the Gypsy King must face Wilder for a third time.

And with the rematch with Usyk now in his sights, AJ has invited Fury into his training camp.

“Tyson can come watch me train, sparring ain’t fighting so he’s definitely more than welcome to step into the gym and give me tips and s*** like that,” the 2012 Olympics gold medal ace added.

“I ain’t fighting him next so he ain’t got nothing to worry about.

“He’s more than welcome to come into the gym with his experience and it reminds me of the old days when all the great fighters would all mix.

“His experience of fighting southpaws and my experience can merge it into one. I get this win, then hopefully we can get this undisputed fight.”

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