Star’s huge admission about United coach

Melbourne United star Jock Landale admits the freedom of the offence under head coach Dean Vickerman has been a learning process throughout the season after a 27-point, 11-rebound showing against South East Melbourne Phoenix on Saturday evening.

“It’s been something I’ve had to adjust to, just having more freedom of choice in the way I play offensively,” Landale explained postgame.

“That’s why I love playing for Dean, he lets me make decisions on how I want to attack certain situations. I think I floated around the 3-point line to start the season, tonight I really keyed in on watching film before the game and I really wanted to try and attack offensively.”

The season-high scoring outburst included just three attempts from long range, as the Australian representative relentlessly attacked the basket.

“Jock was fantastic. To do what he did in 23 minutes is great for us and great for him that we didn’t overload him,” Vickerman said.

“I think we’ve just grown as a group about going to the hot hand. He was really good tonight and the guys continued to feed him the basketball.”

Despite the win, Landale remained critical of his own defensive performance.

“I thought offensively I had it rolling tonight but defensively I wasn’t great, and I can’t do that against Perth. That’s where my head is at right now. For me to not hold up my end of the bargain defensively, it’s going to hurt us.”

Vickerman’s Melbourne United are atop the NBL ladder. (Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images)Source:Getty Images

For South East Melbourne, the loss continues a run of poor form, with the fourth placed squad clinging to the final playoff position after losing five of their last six games.

“I thought we were beaten by a superior team. We’re clearly not functioning as well as we can right now for multiple reasons,” Phoenix coach Simon Mitchell said.

“Personnel is one, but also there’s a bit of bringing players back in and learning to live with each other and play with each other.”

“Am I concerned? Yes. We’ve had a pretty big fall from grace over the last three weeks. I don’t think we’ve had anywhere near the levels of competency to be able to compete in a playoff series but there’s still games to go. We got a couple of guys that are down, but I think we need an injection of form and confidence.”

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