Stampede of kangaroos bounce towards golf sensation Wendy Powick as she tees off

Golf sensation Wendy Powick certainly won't forget her round at Arundel Hills Country Club anytime soon after her game was interrupted in very unusual fashion.

As the amateur golfer went to tee off on the Gold Coast in Queensland, a massive mob of kangaroos decided to make their way in her direction before settling down in the middle of the fairway.

Powick, who posted the incident on Instagram, couldn't believe her eyes and as she waited for them to move, the kangaroos decided to get closer and closer to her.

A man behind the camera filming the amusing moment could be heard saying: "How's this for golf today. They've all decided to settle in the middle of the fairway."

Powick, quite clearly stunned by what she was seeing at Arundel Hills Country Club, then laughed towards the camera before joking: "They've come to watch me too off."

Some kangaroos started to hop away, but a group of them remained defiant and stood in her way as they looked to see Powick in action.

Still confused by the audience of kangaroos, Powick then turned back towards the camera and added: "What's going on?'"

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Then one by one, the animals decided to make their way off and disrupt another part of the Queensland golf course.

Reflecting on the moment, Powick wrote on Instagram: "Never ever seen this happen before when a whole mob of kangaroos at Arundel Hills Country Club decided to charge up the fairway and stop right at the front of the Tee box to watch me… absolutely gold and only in Australia…"

The clip from Powick was re-posted on Sky Sports News' official Twitter account, and has since been viewed approximately 403,000 times on social media.

One user, called @dv_83, made light of the situation by claiming he would have made way pretty quickly when seeing the kangaroos hopping towards him.

The Twitter user wrote: "Exact moment when I stop laughing and run."

@AyTeePee wrote on Twitter: "Bro they came through to check if all is well man. Pause for the cam and dip."

And others amusingly joked about their lack of golf skills, with @slim_81 writing: "I know what would happen if I teed off".

A friend @NibbyZiglett then amusingly replied: "They're safe from your driving distance and accuracy."

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