Poker with friends: How to set up private poker games online

Poker has become a popular form of entertainment during the coronavirus lockdown. It is also a great way of keeping in touch with your friends while adhering to social distancing measures.

How to set up private poker games online

PokerStars gives you and your friends the ability to play poker against each other online.

The first step is to download the PokerStars software onto your desktop or laptop.

You can then set up an account and sign in.

Once you’ve opened the PokerStars program on your computer, click on ‘More’ from the options on the right-hand side and select ‘Home Games’.

From here, select ‘Create a Poker Club’, which will allow you to set up a name and password, also known as an invitation code, for your private games.

Give out the club name and invitation code to your friends and they will be able to join the virtual club.

As the admin, you’ll be able to customise the colour scheme of the club and add images to give it more of a personal touch.

You can also grant admin status to other members of the club.

As for playing poker, various formats are available.

From the Club Lobby, head to ‘Manage Games’ where you can set up a table or tournament using real or play money.

You can customise the game types, the number of players, the starting stacks, the payout structure and much more.

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