Is De'Aaron Fox an All-Star? Dallas Mavericks won’t make playoffs, Jordan Clarkson for 6MOTY

Host Jaydee Dyer is joined by Chicago Bulls legend BJ Armstrong, Ovie Soko and Mo Mooncey to discuss the Derrick Rose trade, why the Mavericks are struggling and whether De’Aaron Fox deserves to make the All-Star game.

To begin this week’s episode Jaydee Dyer, Mo Mooncey and Ovie Soko discuss Derrick Rose’s trade to the New York Knicks, with BJ Armstrong providing special insight as the former MVP’s agent.

While Rose was a rumoured target for Brooklyn, the Nets missed out, but did sign veteran forward Noah Vonleh to help with their frontcourt depth.

In Hot Or Not, Mo, Ovie and BJ break down De’Aaron Fox’s case for the All-Star game, whether Andrew Wiggins is actually the perfect fit for the Warriors after a bright start in the Golden State and why the Dallas Mavericks are still a massive doubt for the playoffs.

This week’s Off The Court segment focuses on Jordan Clarkson’s Sixth Man of the Year campaign, as the combo guard continues to impress for the Utah Jazz while leading their offense from the bench.


In the Primetime Preview, Jaydee looks ahead to an action-packed week of basketball, including Golden State against Brooklyn on Saturday and culminating in Heatcheck’s long-awaited studio return on Sunday evening with the Celtics against the Wizards, live at 6pm on Sky Sports Arena.

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