Ex-WWE star Teddy Hart arrested on suspicion of attacking vulnerable person

Former WWE star Teddy Hart is currently in custody having been arrested on February 10 on suspicion of multiple charges.

Hart became the youngest person ever to be signed to a developmental contract by WWE, then-WWF, in 1998.

He was released in 2002 though returned to the company in 2005 and made several appearances in non-televised matches.

Though things took a turn for the worse for Hart, real name Edward Ellsworth Annis, with the 41-year-old having been arrested multiple times in recent years.

He is currently being held at Tarrant County Correction Center in Texas having been arrested on three charges.

According to the center’s website, Hart has been arrested on charges of evading arrest, injuring child/elderly/disabled person and possession of a controlled substance.

The amount for bond is not listed on the arrest record with Hart still in custody a week after his February 10 arrest.

Hart had been arrested and charged on the same three charges in Texas in October.

On a previous time in jail, Hart had said in 2018: “A year in jail helped me mature and take advantage of all opportunities.

“You’ve got to take care of yourself and take the opportunities that are given as blessings.”

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