Chris Paul, Trae Young already play HORSE in real NBA games

When Chris Paul and Trae Young compete in Sunday’s NBA HORSE Challenge, they will be expected to show off the same magic they’ve delivered throughout their NBA careers.

Their styles of play are quite different, but Paul and Young are both considered among the most gifted improvisers in the NBA. Paul carries immense technical skill with the basketball and far more accolades, but Young can swish shots from the parking lot. Their special traits are apparent even in live NBA competition.

Here are some of our favorite HORSE-like moves Paul and Young have pulled off in the NBA:

CP3 hits insane series-winning shot vs. Spurs

Show any casual fan who takes aim at Paul’s playoff performance level this ridiculous Game 7 bucket with Danny Green and Tim Duncan all over him.

CP3 beats Game 2 buzzer vs. Grizzlies

This shot was eerily similar to the one against the Spurs. Again, Paul converts an off-balanced attempt under extreme pressure.

CP3 floats shot off top of the backboard

This would be considered lucky if it were almost any other player. For someone as skilled as Paul, though, it might not have been by accident.

CP3 swishes tough step-back 3 to beat Pacers

A flashback to Pelicans Paul showing off his range.

Trae slays Bucks with OT acrobatics

This was probably the most memorable play of Young’s rookie season. We’re still not sure how he got this off in time.

Trae knocks down heave at All-Star Game

Young’s first All-Star appearance came with a defining moment he hasn’t been shy about looking back on.

Trae beats third-quarter buzzer from behind logo

The range!

Trae embarrasses his dog

OK, this one wasn’t in an NBA game. But it happened recently and involved a cute dog, so we’re sharing it anyway.

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