Bogut urges NBL to fix slippery courts

Retired champion Andrew Bogut has led a chorus of complaints about the NBL’s slippery courts that have caused multiple injuries.

Bogut’s plea comes a month after the Australian Basketball Players’ Association (ABPA) demanded the league address the on-court stickers.

Since then, several players have suffered injuries, citing the slippery decals for their setbacks.

The players’ frustration reached breaking point on Sunday when Sydney Kings import big man Jarell Martin slipped and hurt his left leg.

Bogut was on the sidelines watching before later tweeting his thoughts on the slippery decals.

“The time has come NBL – remove the decals, no ifs ands or buts,” Bogut said.

“Remove them, before someone has a very serious injury. Sponsors will understand.

“Speaking for the players of the NBL – many of whom have spoken to me privately about their concerns. (some are okay to chat about it publicly, some are not) Ticking time bomb..”

Former King Andrew Bogut has led a chorus of complaints about the NBL’s slippery courts. Picture: Brett CostelloSource:News Corp Australia

Bogut has been backed up by Kings rookie guard Dejan Vasiljevic, who also wants the NBL to take action.

“I slipped in the third and then our big man goes down from slipping on them too,” Vasiljevic said after the Kings’ loss to Illawarra.

“NBL taking care of its players?

“I saw that bro decals gotta go. Surely a different way to get sponsors noticed whilst playing.”

New Zealand Breakers star guard Corey Webster responded to Vasiljevic’s tweet, expressing similar concerns about the slippery decals.

Webster said the Breakers also experienced troubles with the on-court sponsorship stickers during Friday’s loss to the Kings at Qudos Bank Arena.

“Tai (Webster) slipped twice the other night,” Webster said.

“And I saw Casper (Ware) slip on a pull up in our game too.”

Jarell Martin lays on the ground after falling during the round five NBL match between the Sydney Kings and the Illawarra Hawks at Qudos Bank Arena. Photo: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images.Source:Getty Images

The NBL and the Players’ Association are working through the issue, but there has been no resolution.

The issue was first raised earlier this season when slippery decals impacted two Adelaide 36ers games.

Former Adelaide and Sydney Kings star import Jerome Randle was watching the game and led a chorus of warnings.

“I‘m sure the NBL care about the players safety, have to find another way to promote sponsors, those decals on the court are dangerous,“ he tweeted. “Trust me I know; not good for players making cuts and hard plants in the area. Protect the players, ACL (knee injuries) ain’t pretty.”

The ABPA raised concerns with the NBL and Adelaide Entertainment Centre management after the season opener and work was done to alleviate the dangers.

“The ABPA is requiring further action be taken to ensure all necessary and appropriate measures are employed to protect our members‘ safety,” a statement read. “Player safety is the ABPA’s highest priority and our members must be provided a safe workplace environment at every game.”

Digital projection of on-court signage only viewable on television is used in various leagues around the world and has been thrown up as a possible solution.

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