Athletics star details suicide attempt following Commonwealth Games drug scandal

An athletics star has revealed she attempted suicide following a drugs scandal at the Commonwealth Games.

Athlete Jessica Peris was unable to compete at the 2018 edition of the event, which was hosted in her native Australia.

The track and field star, who is the daughter of Olympic legend Nova Peris, tried to take her own life after testing positive for a banned substance, which she has always denied.

Peris was overcome with emotion when she recalled the tragic events on an episode of SAS: Australia.

Once the sandal went viral, the athlete revealed she felt suffocated and believed the only way out was to try and take her own life.

“Yep, I didn't want to be here anymore," she sobbed.

“It was all over every newspaper, and it was 'Nova Peris' daughter tests positive to banned substance', that was hard.

“The last thing I sort of remember about that is being carried out of my mother's house by paramedics to a hospital, I felt as if I had no way out.”

Two years removed, the Aussie looks back and admits it was one the biggest regrets of her life.

“What if I didn't wake up – my son wouldn't have a mother,” she added.

“My mum wouldn't have a daughter. But, that's what it pushed me to.”

She told her story to DS Fox, who recalled the time in his life when he was also in very dark place.

“I was medically discharged from the special forces with PTSD," he said.

"My life unravelled after that. I was failing as a father, as a partner. I figured the best way was to take myself off this planet.

“Suicide is a f***ing dark place to be, when you're contemplating it. I've been there. You feel like there's no point going on.”

Peris is determined to write her own redemption story and show people what she is made of.

"I'm proud of myself that I'm here to say. I refuse to quit, and I'll push myself until I have nothing left to give."

Jessica’s mother Nova was part of the Australian women's field hockey team that won the gold medal at the 1996 Olympic Games, making her the first Indigenous Australian to win the top prize at the prestigious event.

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